For the past couple of years, I worked with what I consider smart people, minus a bunch of oh-not-so-smart people and of course the lot of sheer moronic people. With these multicolors personalities, one with thought of this thing, and that another one have another thought of that thing, you know, it was a bowl of many crap ideas, but to my surprise, workable.

Minus the hair pulling, it was exciting though to see someone yelled at someone, screaming over the phone, threatening people over unmodifiable terms and conditions, finding quick solutions to problems that were not that head cracking, fighting in a cute teletubbies suit, it was a rainbow of many things!

Come over here, in my current place, people (or a person) seem(s) like having a huge problem in defining between chemical and chemistry. How trivia is that?

Chemical elements, and chemistry between two people DO mean different things. It does not coexist naturally like symbiosis interaction between moss and bark of a tree, or two different words (sound, spelling, pronunciation) that coincidentally share the same meaning.

Those two, might be derived from one same word (which surprisingly I don't fuckin give a damn) are uniquely stand by their own. Chemical elements - Potassium, Magnesium, Sulphur, Carbon, Aurum. You name it, single out from any periodic tables, then you have a CHEMICAL ELEMENT. I don't know. I maybe wrong. But I certainly know what does Chemical Element mean.

Phrases like "There's a chemical between you and me" or "Symbol for Kalium is Ca" or plethora of weird pronunciations, are like an amusement park. It injects you with a silent giggle you can't hold and in no time it bursts into laughter.

Where can you get such confident in someone who tells everyone a self humiliating joke? I don't know. I just found one, over here, in my own miserable self induced humiliation entertainment playground.

If someone asks me what on earth they are talking about, I will certainly tell them,

"They are cracking up Chemisery"


pakmat said…
..have you ever met someone with whom you click not from the first hello, but after the hesitant sentence or two..? unconsciously searched for and found that common wavelength..zap..and suddenly both began to transmit data..wavelength matched..suddenly buddies..ignoring the physical shell..or that someone whom somehow touches a chord in the abyss of your heart..causing you to fluster?..not comprehending the music that is playing? pakmat, that is chemistry..but my son struggled over it over exam..:)

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