Then I heard the slow and melodious sound from the stereo. The screeching from the guitar's strings and the occasional hit on the piano keys and weaved with ever-so-lovely voice of a man who I didn't even know ever could sing this Wonderwall, was uplifting, and yet mind boggling.

And I imagined two men at loggerheads, throw off their egos somewhere and smiled and shrugged, and hugged and kept the arguments away. Like this colorful stripe of my comforter, and this sweet smell of strawberry fragrant, and the occasional flickers of lightning outside.

This single Ryan Adams song that I have, erase away my fondness to Oasis' version. A little too heartbreaking, less British, more humming.

And I imagined should there be giant speaker boxes everywhere, just everywhere and play songs that I love to hear, and play more songs like in the list of my Genius playlist in iPod, and just left me humming even more.

And if I imagined if those came to materialize, then I would hear songs of the sadness, and disco, and trance, and punk and people's faces never be the same again. And if that happens, I just don't want to live anymore. So please, no giant speaker boxes with sad songs and happy songs, and hoo haa songs, and melodies with words of no meaning.

Like this Ingrid Michaelson's Corner of My Heart.

There's one minute of your day.
There's one minute of your day.
I will leave this man just to occupy one minute of your day.
Just to occupy one minute of your day.

I don't feel like to have a minute of your life.
I just feel like want to walk away.
Away from you, and your life.



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