And your plaid little jacket and my burgundy shoes were there under the sun, and you shrieked the loud happy note, and the lemonade spilled on the grass, and you were laughing and I stuck out my tongue and I screamed as the swing swayed hard, you wouldn't stop.

And that burgundy shoes on the ground, were upside down.
The rain fell hard, you took out your plaid little jacket.
Your cherry lips were wet and the cracks were gone.
The rain fell hard, you spun around. Your smile was pure, your drenched hair was amazing in light brown.

The rain stopped and the sun emerged just under the thinning gray clouds. And you stopped dancing, and you were on your knees.

The smile emerged, just like the sun. And I told you,

"No matter what happens, you will always have your plaid little jacket, my burgundy shoes, and that hot giant sun"

You smiled.

And two suns were enough for me, I need nothing else.

Sun, sun, sun, sun, sun, anataga watashino monodattara iinoni


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