This Road I'm Taking

I can't tell if I have made the right choice. These past few weeks, I have been contemplating and projecting futures over 10 years timeline, and though it may look promising, I may fall into the dark pit in no time. These charts I'm making, the charts that draw my look, taking control of the God's job.

How stupid.

Best case scenario, I'll be retiring with money the size of Kilimanjaro. Worst case scenario, I'll be sacked for writing too much, cramping working hours and savor the rest with a lot of Facebooking. These aborigines, shooting glances and unlikely thoughts to me. It hurts so much, I can't cry.

I still do not know what am I doing.

After all, life is not about the big bucks alone, it is all about family, friends, good colleagues and accessibility.

I hate you, snobbish douche bag.


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