Mr. Ah Meng

I always tell my friend that I like that kind of guy, this kind of man, that muscular thug, any good l0oking men. Well, it is not particularly correct as I have my own ideal criteria to at least filter out The Perfect Man I need. Far from stringent I may say, but at least, please abide to at least three criteria that I have listed as per below.

1) Good financial ground. No credit cardS please.
2) Speaks English. I mean Perfect English, spoken and written (I don't do Perfect English. So as a man, he should be better than me, y'all).
3) Good looking, slender, washboard abs, looks Perfect with aviator.
4) Humorous. I hate stupid jokes, so please refrain yourself to commit to such sins.
5) A faith Muslim. Perform 5 times/day obligatory prayer.
6) Romantic. Not kind of romantic that calls every 5 minutes and interrogate every single thing that I do
7) Owns at least a Functional car and a house (at any fancy neighborhood preferably)
8) And a few more things I can't remember right now

Look at Mark Wahlberg or Jeffrey Donovan, and you may get some ideas.



pretty high expectations, don't you think?

with that list, I believe you should looking for someone similar to Ryan Reynolds =)
ZubaidahArshad said…
Errrr.. I don't know if asking someone to perform his obligatory prayer is kinda hard though :)

I dreamt of Mark Wahlberg. I dreamt of him. Ahhhhh. Hahaha
Machina said…
Richard Gere, George Clooney, Harrison Ford etc.. etc.. just too old eh. LOL
pakmat said…
..for dreams are made of these..:)

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