Just Wait

"That would be 13 bucks, sir"

Thank you, but it can't be that expensive, right? This is not a bouquet of gold studded roses, for heaven's sake!

"Here you go"

He walked away from the booth filled with unknown thousand of flowers, leaving a smell trace of sweet perfume. The Sunday was too good to be spent at home, and these flowers are too pretty to be left untouched in the buckets filled with water.

Someone deserved these multicolor roses and he could not be sure whether this would be right, or wrong. And if this was right, he'll be the luckiest man in the world, and say if he was wrong, man he rather considering himself to move out to Iceland.

The yellow cabs were flooding the road - just like a bunch of ladybugs, minus the black dots - exhaling invisible fumes that probably turned the temperature that day a few centigrade higher than the ideal number of what ecologists would probably agree. These cabs drifted his thoughts to Jamie, the guy that stole his good night dreams, and turning them into sleepless nights.

The memory of road trip they had together was so precious, no money could buy.

Ahh these stupid memories.

Jamie wait there. I'm coming


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