I have done enough, and you never see.
I have cried enough, from the pool to the open sea.
I have given enough, to you that is hard to please,
I have shut my mouth enough, don't have any words anymore to plea,
I have not eaten enough, till I turn into a stick and ebony,
I have spent much enough, and left me with not even a penny,

And yes,
I am so restless, please let me free


Machina said…
Enough is enough, probably the time has come.
Another journey, maybe.
At the outside world, wild and free.
NoktahHitam said…
You are one hell of an emo girl :D

Let bygones be bygones. I know how much it hurts but I'm sure, you'll manage.
syahrir said…
xhabis2 drama *ops
asmida ali setan said…
incarceration katenye. jantan mane ni uols? *ops!
ZubaidahArshad said…
Machina, pretty :)
NH, I dont particularly suffer from any loss of someone, or getting shackled by someone either. I just write. Haha
Anonymous said…
i just love your writing..and thanks to NH because i found you through him..

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