How Are You Mr. Blue?

I always believe there's always light at the end of a tunnel. It doesn't matter anyway where does the light come from. Torchlight, sun, car rear light. Anything. At least I know that there's someone over there. Out there. Not to save me from the darkness but rather wait for me to get out from such a bleak and gloomy moment.

Well, I saw my light today. After struggling more than a month in a new place, at last there's someone out there waiting for me to walk out from the gloom, bleaky tunnel.

I saw a cute man today. With goatee. A subcontractor. And in a blue jacket. With a bluish goggle. And a hell of sweet smile.

The deprivation hasn't seen the end of the road yet. But at least, this kind of sugary moment, shall make me smile, maybe for a day. This new found motivation jiggles the excite button in me!



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