Half Cooked

There was the serene sermon projected from a huge speaker attached to the mosque afar, the cock crowed louder than any normal day, the morning was so cold, fog of steamy breath emerged from the mouth and lips that uttered words, the smell of the clean cut grass from the back of the lawn was so fresh and comforting, the sun on far horizon emitting just enough light for the morning of retrospection, the sound of tinkling glasses in the sink, exquisitely mix with the chatters from the oldies in the kitchen.

At one time, the smell of comforting fresh cut grass was killed by the great smell of home cooked delicacies, waiting to be consumed.....

Hey I shouldn't be writing this. It's raya. And.. Later~~~


Farah Hanani said…
nice writing.. i definitely enjoy reading ur scribes..
ZubaidahArshad said…
thank you

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