I set a DVD on play and Katherine Heigl out of thin air appeared in front of me in a tiny LCD screen. Her complexion was perfect, her smile, her huge pair of eyes, the dimple not so deep on her cheek. Not to mention her golden blondie hair. That was the moment that I was gaping in awe, couldn't be envious enough for such a living beauty. The room was ill lit and the only light source was from the screen and the gowns on the brides illuminated brightly on the screen - like being painted on a black canvas - accentuated pieces sent from the Haven above.

Not far from where I sat, hidden in between Vogue and Discovery Channel magazines, there lied 27 Dresses' DVD box, with an image of a man and a woman as a cover, looking completely dissolved in their own fantasy.

Their own doctored fantasy.

Watching 27 Dresses did leave me with an unintentional emotional stir up, placing my own self in her shoes, of not having anyone to be married with, and keeping dresses from all badly arranged weddings, hiding in the closet just to have a shot of tranquility to weep alone, trying hard to look bold and strong, and plastered a big wide smile for friends who went through the biggest day in their lives!

A bouquet of White Roses. A Mom's dress. An Altar. Reserved tables with Familiar Names. A wedding ring. A Kiss. A Solemnization Ceremony. Hundreds of Witnesses. Numbers of good friends. Tears from Mom's Eyes. The Pride in Abah's smile.

Like what Katherine Heigl saw in every wedding she attended, I too, see the exact similar thing. Wedding, a miracle, the magic that binds two people together, the colors, the smiles from all faces, the awkward similarities that everyone shares, the costumes and dresses, the gifts, the laughter from the kitchen, the chaos from one little brother who shouts a roaring thunder to sluggish lot of waiters, the kids that gleefully running in no direction, the cute flower girls.

Every single detail.

If I were to sit at a corner where no one would notice, I will be happily observed this intricate celebration, while holding a lens mounted on a camera, looking for any perfect moment to be caught in film. Such a waste for letting this moment passed by unnoticed, for it won't be repeating again. And should it happen again, it won't be this big and this happy, and this loud weaved with a calming serenity.

These kids may not understand, but their presence adds another spectrum of noise in this joyful event. I hope they won't grow up that fast, because if they do, they won't be this cute anymore.

And the ultimate question that always ends up this joyous ceremony,

Bila nak kahwin? Umur dah senjakala

Errr.. I'll answer that later :)


NoktahHitam said…
So.. bile nak kawen? LoL!

BTW, I like that movie, 27 dresses. The guy is charming and very sincere (which can be rather scary, kalau salah push the button).
ZubaidahArshad said…
Yes exactly. Who doesn't love that cute man? He may be a jerk at first, but he tried his best not to be one. For that, he deserves my apology.

I'm looking for Orphan. Crowd says it's such a good movie

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