Just Because I Can't

It was windy.


It was breezy actually. Kind of comforting dynamic air that elleviated from the differential pressure on the open sea. Talking about hot air and cold air and how did it spin, following the law of physics and oceanology. Or whatever terms they used. On the far horizon, there were splashes of multicolor lightnings, shielded at the back of clouds, radiating colors from different spectrum, giving the chill over the spine that hurricane might come in no time. The thoughts of what was going to happen to the sailors in the open sea, to the fishers who were scraping money from the giant death trap, to the people who were afloat guardless and of course, helpless waiting for a rescue, that might or might not come over.

And it was hundreds of miles away. And in front of her eyes were the sprawl of various delicious delicacies waiting to be consumed that very moment. And the scenery was so comforting, and the breezy air almost put her into a delusional state, melting her into sleep. Too many things went through her head these days, yet times were so short and she did not like to be in this situation.

The soup was still hot. The vapor rose up to her eye level, and she inhaled and she smelled heaven. The soup was so good, everything was balanced to the 5-star perfection.

Then there was the call. On the caller ID was a familiar name.

Big Sis.

"Assalamualaikum. I just got the report from the lab. Mom's kidneys are facing some complications. I need her to be admitted to the hospital"

Time stopped.



chah said…
byk2 berdoa.i'Allah...ur mom will be ok.

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