East India

11pm. I was waiting for the call to board on plane. To fill up the time, I browsed for perfumes and lotions at the departure hall, thinking of stocking up my almost depleted perfumes. Burberry Classic For Women was the one I looked for apart from Paco Rabanne One Million. That Paco specifically for someone special, the one that keeps on haunting me up until now. Rejection period? Hell no.

When I was talking to one of the Sales Assistants, an Irish woman (I guess) in her mid-30, with wavy floral dress walked towards me, stopped a few inches away giving a look, kind of look that makes you uneasy.

She asked me "Which designer is this?" while pointing to a tote on my shoulder. In return, I said that it was a cheap cheap bag I bought in Malaysia and it was from East India. It cost me less than 15 quid.

Giving this information, she was surprised and startled in disbelief. I told her

"It's not the designer that matters the most, its the way you dress and how you pull it off"

She smiled and nodded and said thank you.

I walked a few feet to catch my flight when she called me from my back.

"Miss, how would you like your bag to be exchanged with mine?"

Ooohh I feel so fabulous!


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