The Neighbor

I have a neighbor. I do not mean that I have ONLY a neighbor, in fact I have loads of neigbors around. Left and right, front and back.

The only neighbor that I fond enough is the one who lives at the right side of my house. I do not particularly know his name, but suffice to say that I like him. The kind of like that makes you wake up from your couch and pause the DVD on play, peek through your curtain and gaze down to his porch. That kind of fond.

I do not mean to be a homewrecker but that is what most of my friends would say if I develop the interest to someone's husband. To put it in a simpler way, I like them because they are matured enough to take care a fragile biscuit like me.

Well, curiosity leads you to a little Sherlock Holmes games I might say. So I inquired Shane The Hamster about The Neighbor, just for the sake of data collection. Shane The Hamster was reluctant to give me any details (just trace back my history of turning a family into a broken home), but then after a little chit chat over here and over there, baiting him that I wanted to know more about my neighbors, then he spilled over.

The Neighbor apparently owns an engineering company, specializes in what, is I don't really care. See, he's an engineer, so do I. The chemistry is already there, we just need time to make it to react. The Neighbor's Wife is a government servant, must be in a very high position because she drives quite a fancy car. Maybe The Neighbor splurged on her, but I doubt that though. The Kids are so beautiful, and the new offspring just bursted out from The Neighbor's Wife belly.

In the morning when The Neighbor's Wife set to go to work, so do The Neighbor bid his obligatory goodbye to The Kids. He usually shirtless and that sends some smoke signals saying "Hey look at my body, spinster".

The constant parade of his shirtless form, is my eyes exercise every morning. The Neighbor doesn't have that perfect washboard torso, just nice as a married man.

I am still stalking him.

Well, maybe I am not made for him, but a Hi is enough already.


shiraz b said…
I have a hot neighbor too who lives in an apartment across the road. Once, my girl friend and I got caught while having our eye exercise in the morning - with binoculars!! ops!
ZubaidahArshad said…
hahaha. thats obviously funny.

lain kali hati hati ye! haha

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