A strand of eyelash drops just in front of me, waves down slowly, pushing its weight against friction in the air, following the law of gravity. The eyelash is so curvy, and relatively long, and jet black. And I start to wonder on how old folks associate this event with one kind of funny thing

"Kalau bulu mata sebelah kanan jatuh, ada orang rindu. Kalau sebelah kiri pula, ada orang benci"

Now I am in this love-hate crisis, just because I do not really sure on which eye this eyelash originated from. How stupid it may sound (though it sounds ridiculously stupid as soon as I am typing this) actually, it does tickle the worry button in me. With thousand of random possibilities, with unaccustomed thoughts on many people that have personal vendetta against me, or the chance of the one I love, hooked on me finally.

Well, this thought provoking does induce some sense of uncertainties, but I am OK with that.

Maybe there's no one hates me. Maybe there are billions of people love me (well, if that is the case, I must have bald eyelids by now).

This saying from our own old folks fluorish again.

And many more to go. Like,

"Jangan menyanyi di dapur. Nanti kahwin lambat"

Erm.. I rest my case


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