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I Don't Believe You

2 past midnight. A fountain pen in the right hand, a torn paper from the Moleskine in the other. It used to be chilly at this wee hour, but it does not anymore these days, so the reminiscent from the old days did not come right, you know, the thought of 'It needs to be cold and comforting because 4 years back then, it was chilly. And tonight, it isn't'. Awkward similarities, that is.

No I don't believe you,
When you say you don't come around here no more,
I won't remind you,
You said we wouldn't be apart,
No I don't believe you,
When you say you don't need me anymore,
So don't pretend to,
Not love me at all

Last night invoked the memory when you bid goodbye to me, the painful and soaring farewell, for a woman you married, and for me, someone who was left unseen.

To H.

I don’t mind it
I still don’t mind at all
It’s like one of those bad dreams
When you can’t wake up
It’s like you’ve given up
You’ve had enough
But I want more
No I won't stop
Because I just know
You’ll come around

Alicia B Moore


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