I have thrown my resignation letter on my boss' desk, and he accepted with no hint of hesitation. Two months from now, I will be in a new place, harboring my dream to be someone I have dreamt many years before.

This is the last 2 months for you to see the fair skin that covers my whole body. This September, I may look like Dayang Senandung.

This is my American dream.


arep said…
welcome to OC
ZubaidahArshad said…
Arep, take this as a bewilderment out of curiosity instead of indecent gesture for a reader like you.

Most of the times, your comments are deviated from the main course, suggesting that your lack of understanding in the subject matter.

I like readers who are trying to communicate with the writer interactively, weaved with a few jokes in between the line, but your comments are nonsense most of the times.

What ever it is, I appreciate your presence over here.

Best regards,
arep said…
manque de compréhension de l'objet. c'est juste un blog, ce n'est pas un document académique. la prochaine fois, je viens de lire


p/s : kekwat kann
ZubaidahArshad said…
aiyo sentap katanya. Siap tulis dalam french


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