Skater Boi

Back in the 80's where people knew nothing about a board with wheels underneath it, most of the times spent gossiping and throwing banters at one another. Big beehives on the head, huge diameter opening at the end of corduroy pants, mustache thick enough to allure girls in mommy jeans, eye shadows dark enough to scare grim reaper with a pile of shit on its crown.

Then it was 90's. I still remember. Boys and girls with multicolor bands on their heads and boards carefully gripped in their hands, cargo pants with lines of butt crack emerged out of low-waist CK underwear. People in their hippiest mood. Rowing on boards and exhibiting talents of parents reckoned as "Bad Westernization".

The skater boi once did a lot of these things.

And now today, the boy wears a cargo pants again. Faded. And torn. Holes in the pocket. And the boy still loves it.

Like a parade of clowns with weird clothings, stripes and a red bubble nose.

And the colors that evoke memories of 80's, where people still adapting.


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