A Flash Of Smile

The sky darkens, the wind blows hard, the trees sway right and left.

And in a flash, the sky turns to a color of serenity, not too bright, not too gloomy. One color that illuminates a feeling at ease. The wind speed comes almost to a halt, but it does not stop, just a feel of an air breeze, the feeling you will have when you lay your back on a bench just underneath one coconut tree, with a monkey hidden somewhere in the middle of many coconuts, with wind that has the power to put you into a colorful sleep. That kind of breeze.

I miss him. The way he used to flash his smiles in the midst of uncertain emotion, I miss his stare that used to steer me away from my rationale, I miss the way he walked pass by me, and turned his head around, and I turned mine too, just to experience a few seconds of mutual affection that was hardly describable by words.

I guess he gets tired with all these pointless games. A sort of many games he and I could not win. A silent battle that sacrifices both parties, not to let any of us win.

These games with no names, tickle me somehow. What with emo songs and super melodramatic idiot I turned to be when he was not around, and a series of constant staring that led to, not lesser than an annoying look he portrayed.

Over time, I learn that this should not be the essence of how my social life should be. But, how hard I try to ditch, it is beyond my (super)human capabilities to deny, that I miss Him badly.

To you. You know who you are


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