Chicken Soup For The Lunch

Weekend - Saturday and Sunday - as what normal working people will presume, are days where heaven materializes in front of their eyes. As you may presume, or you, or maybe you. The lot who work from 8 to 5, driving home alongside impatient exhausted city patrons, roving on the roads jampacked with imported cars, honking to each other. Like they have lost the essence that holds their sanity intact.

In the other hand, as much as I envy those people who work 'normally', I feel blessed that I do not have to go through such insanity - every single day - for the rest of my life (an exception if I quit and I start craving for 8 to 5 job). I work in one of the biggest conglomerates in the world, with multibillion capital in hands, and people losing their jobs in months to come.

I do not really care about that. I have my own freedom on my own working time, not rigid with the needs of industry. And it has been quite a while now, since I tasted 'Sunday'.

And it is Sunday today. And I am cooking chicken soup for lunch. Food for soul too. As what that super famous book has to tell.

Chicken Soup, Bandung Selasih, a bowl of hot steaming rice and sambal belacan.

Now I know why people love not to work on weekends.


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