American Idol 2009

The Show

The show was a pure so-so. Diva Lambert did not deliver his best, his voice was shaky, confident level was too high, performace was over the top, the 'trench coat' was so cheap, the last song written by Kara was great but it turned shit when Adam sang it.

The only plus was when he sang "A Change Is Gonna Come" by Sam Cooke. Brilliant and heart warming.

Kris, dubbed as the underdog in this competition wow-ed me from the start til the end. The first song was great, I love it, the second song was genius. So laid back and easy and I totally love it too. Like the antidote for the first song, his voice melted in my heart. And what I believe that the song Kara had written was for dead wife whoring Danny Gokey, was came true when Kris too, delivered the song like a pile of dung in someone's throat.

The Result

Kris won. The first girl who got eliminated sang worst than a cat strangled by a ladybag, and the precious expressions emerged from Simon's, Kara's and the rest of the judges were PRICELESS. Eat that.

As what I expected before, Kris will win, and he did that. I am proud of him, such a sweet man of course.

I don't know what will happen to him later. But he will survive.


NoktahHitam said…
Funny, I didnt know American Idol was going on. Im sure it has to do with me not watching TV.
ZubaidahArshad said…
I do not watch much TV shows either. But once a year, AI is a must.

Its such a good thing to know that America has a lot of talented nerdies on the plate, every year offers a parade of singers, alas, unlike malaysia.

You should watch TV more

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