November Rain - Three

It started with a look. An inexpressible kind of stare one could not resist but ponders of what it bears inside. Just a normal glance anybody on a busy street will shoot, or sort of look one should smile to. Rafeeq needed months to figure that out, as the number of stares from that strapping handsome lad increased day by day. An average man would have been disturbed by that kind of uninvited attention, but Rafeeq settled in pleasure, enjoying the little attention he got from a man he barely knew (of course he had the knowledge that ‘the man’ was someone from this vicinity. He remembered him from Sankranthi many months ago. Yes, he was the man) on a daily basis.

He’s nowhere to be seen today. I wonder.

Rafeeq was so accustomed with the existence of that man, whom later he discovered was called Razi, that a day without him would be such a big loss, would be something to be thought of for the rest of the day. As much as Rafeeq stuck in a whirlpool of confusion of what actually was the feeling he had for Razi, Razi made it clear that this was exactly the thing he wanted ever since. And he was having it right now.


For many people who still can recall, this is the ground where Rafeeq translated his closeted love for Razi into a string of forbidden emotional acts, just beneath the coconut tree, a few yards from the jetty, above a thick layer of white sand, showered by the lights of the full moon, a week away from Eidulfitri, 1969. The night where people flocked to every available mosque, a chance considered once in a lifetime to wash every sin of one’s body, in a month filled with blessings and unimaginable offerings of merits, contaminated with what supposed to be discreet.

“What I did to you was flirting. It is called flirting, stupid”, Razi tossed Rafeeq’s head - a cute joke between two lovers trying to survive on a land where blood spilled to let Islam stood.

A smile.

“How am I supposed to know? I thought you were that loony bastard having no job other than walk around and shoot people with a mysterious look. Luckily your look is slightly better than Saleem. If not, I think you are playing love card with that monkey over that tree now”, Rafeeq retaliated without even looking to Razi, but with a big wide smile carved on his face.

Razi comforted Rafeeq with a warm strong cuddle. Muscles bulging on his arms, and a strand of veins denoted how well built he was. And Rafeeq always loved this part when Razi knew how to tackle his heart back. Even though the mockeries never got too far, pulling a face surely touched the soft part in Razi. While many people might suggest the sin they committed was a pure lust, lured by a constant appeal of many demons, the thought never crossed Razi’s mind.

This is love.

Two persons, one emotion.

And the greatest sin prevailed.


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