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Bad Girl Gone Fishing

It was my second time I went fishing. With a net. And a lot of men. And a container filled with a huge gunny sack for keeping the shrimps and fish and jellyfish, apparently.

I got stung by a jellyfish, and sole of my feet bled because of sea shells.

And it still did not deter me to go again.

This time I went down for once and got up, and thinking of going down again, next time. A few years later, maybe.

And a friend of mine asked,

"Habis tangan merah merah. Air laut tu kotor. What made you do such things?"

I may have a good job now. But I want to have a clear idea how do these people make a living out of struggle and a bucket load with sweat.

Learning is not necessarily comes from a class.
Malays who complaint too much on something that make them what they are today, are a bunch of useless.

I just hate pretentious Bitches. And Bastards.


CapTaiN HooKeD said...

wow I really like this one too....nice job Bedah

ZubaidahArshad said...

Thanks V :)

shiraz b said...

i like fishing too!