It Was Not Okay, After All

"I did not mean to ruffle his feathers. I thought he would be okay with that invitation. He needed friends at that time, didn't he?"

"That would be okay if he, too, thought that that was a game you played just to get him out of the house for fresh air"

"That was my intention in the first place"

"Your action had misled him into another thought. He construed a straightforward conclusion from your gesture"

"For what I have done, and everything that I have said to him, was a mere sincere gesture for a friendship that I thought could be built for someone who needed no one but a companion close enough to let go everything that burdened his head. Such intricate judgments need not to be crossed over with whatever feeling he spared for me"

"Being lonely for such a long time does derive such behaviors. No one to talk to, and in seclusion for a couple of years is enough to be the reasoning for such acts. You don't have to be so condescending"

"He can call me whenever he wants. But that does not mean I am going to pick it up. All of my genuine honesty now flushed down the urinal bowl. If he never confessed anything, or being a tad too transparent, we might have a good evening today. Two plates of medium rare steak and two glasses of wine. Two sticks of candle. Now, he changed the atmosphere into something unidentifiable"

"You wished he never said that, didn't you?"

"As someone who was not in my shoes, you have the rights to put the blame on me. But as someone who experienced it myself, all alone, with no one to witness as an evidence to my ramblings, I refuse to take it. The blame I mean"

"I didn't say that"

"Your eyes, the wrinkles on your forehead did"


"I had enough. I have an early flight to catch tomorrow. Bye"


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