Will You?

What was the most daring act you have done in your life to snatch a (total stranger) man's heart?

Well, I flirt. I had this thought to pass him my card. That the image of him tearing the card into pieces and threw it out of the window, sent a shiver down my spine.

But, I did flirt, today. He looked back at me actually. He struggled to split the attention he had to give to his friends, and to me.

The friends won. But still I had my share. When he finished his evening snack, he got up and walked pass by me, shot a quick glance, and got into his car.

I missed another chance today. As what I said, you can call me stupid. Any words. But I still do not have the courage to wake up, and stand up and tell him

"Will you be my date tonight?"

When will it be?


NoktahHitam said…
You know, boys have this dilemma too.
ZubaidahArshad said…
Actually NH, my friend almost gave him my card. I stopped her at the very last minute.

Im that shy you know :)
Ayaq masak said…
I'd like to flirt. Tapi selalunya jadi staring pulak instead of flirty glances. hahaha. *blush*
ZubaidahArshad said…
Ayaq masak, kan? Selalunya macam tu. Mula mula got attracted by the man, then tengok tengok. Lepas tu tak puas terus tengok tak berenti kan? Hahaha
Ed Mcgraw said…
next time, just do it.

and then run, haha!

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