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Old Folks Watch AI

Had a quick glimpse onto my torrent list. The AI finished downloading. I watched it.

And hands down, AI Season 8 may be one of the best seasons ever! I am absolutely rooting for the Kalamazoo boy, Matthew Scott Giraud. His voice such a breath of fresh air.

Norah Jones should now feel bugged as Jesse Langseth may be the one who will dethrone her down. Cute girl with a super cool voice that is.

Ooh and I heart heart big time Adam Lambert.

It is hard to find somebody who can actually sings, these days right? As I played The Cure in my iPod and sang it gleefully in the office, someone interrupted

"Going back to those days, eh?"

I took out the earphones out of my ears, turned around with a smile and said

"I know, you infants just too young to understand"

I am never too young to listen to The Cure and never too old to not to watch American Idol. Because time is moving, and never gets old.

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