Melayu Mudah Lupa

I am somewhere in Perak now. And it is sunset at this time. Darkness slowly engulfs the ray of the evening sun. And being alone on the bench, just a few meters away from a place I call home, hearing no sound other than the rain hitting hard on the tin roof, invoke a sense of melancholic in me. Just a few hours ago, I complaint this place was so hot, an egg could be fried easily if left untouched on the sand. And now as water drops slowly dispersing heat from the barracade of a stack bricks, from the plywood walls, from the ground of many colors, the atmosphere feels a lot more comfortable and i feel the joy of good welcome back home.

Whining about things you used to go through when you were a kid, just a little unjust for me. And I was whining. About how hot this place could be, how uncomfortable it was to stay indoor. Somehow, I didnt realise what I said was purely hurting them, the parents, the siblings, the relatives, the persons I thought would pass the message I conveyed like a thin scent of a rotten egg in the air.

I feel sorry now for myself. Of becoming a person who never satisfies with what I have. Of forgetting the rough times I used to go through, many yonks ago. Of completely dismissing the root of where I came from.

To quote Chedet,

"Melayu mudah lupa"


s h e d a said…
Eventough it spells 'u don't do grammar' upfront, but i mostly object. improves my vocab juz by reading a few. keep up the gud work ;)

*stumble upon this page via NH
ZubaidahArshad said…
Sheda, I bid you a most cordial and hearty welcome. Thanks for your kind words, I appreciate that.

Datang singgah la selalu :)

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