Two cups of coffee and a sorbet

It was a silent night. It was only lights from the buildings afar that lifted up the mood of that night. Apart from that, the withering cold silence was killing. He wished he was at home on his couch watching Liverpool in the battle. He wished he could tell him to drive him home. The sorbet he made was perfect for two. Two cups of hot coffee and a sorbet. Not a perfect match. But fuck it. Hot coffee and a sorbet always could be best friends. They might. Who knew?

Reds, blast them to pieces.
He smiled.

Coffee and a sorbet? He loves coffee. I love mango sorbet. Perfect!
He smiled.

The lights were shimmering. The colors were soaring yet soothing. Soaring or soothing or the combination of both, or maybe he didn't feel it at all. It was awkward. They felt awkward. Like their first date. But their first date wasn't awkward, catastrophic was a perfect word.

He didn't want to recall.
He tried to ditch but the memory slipped. He giggled.
He watched him giggled.
He stopped.
He giggled.
He giggled.
They giggled.
The mood lifted up.
This wasn't like their first date at all.
This was like they never met and they never knew each other.
And this was like they had nothing to say.

Bugger. Why he chuckles?

Great. Why he giggles and doesn't speak a word? Has a cat got his tongue?

"Want to catch a ride home?"
"I'd love to"
"Come. Get up"

His hand clutched his. He pulled him hard. He pulled him back, harder. He smiled; he pulled him back, harder this time. Harder than what he could do. He smiled too. He didn't want to lose. Pulling him back toward him was a hefty job. He leaned and lied beside him. The coarsened sound of the dried leaves underneath them was harmonic.

"You sure want to go home? We'll have to walk. I drop the Beemer key", he grinned. His silhouette in the dark was magnificent.

I have a gorgeous boyfriend.

"I don't want to. It'll be days to reach home. We wait until tomorrow and we'll call a cab. Or maybe you'll find the key tomorrow", he whispered to his ears, smiling. His eyes were spectacular. His torso beefy. Strapping lad!

I have a gorgeous boyfriend.

Their lips interlocked.

I hope they don't screw up. They will not. I'm sure. But what if they do?
To hell with them. This is seven hundred thousand light years better than those goals. Four balls and a goal?. Ho ho ho.

I knew it. Coffee and sorbet are unsurprisingly good friends!

I just knew it!


Anonymous said…
My jaw dropped, this is so GAY, and I like it...


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