Doollee Dolly Doll

You remember when you were a stupid boy who thought that you could actually get every single thing you wished? Well, provided you were a spoilt brat, that thought might as well become sensible in the first place. Though such sweet tangible dreams never happened to me, I found that you shouldn't be spoilt to get things that you wished, things that you thought will never occur to be well clearly visible in front of your eyes.

And then I get older. Or get weary by the time. Then the wishes get huge and mountainous and fragile.

Like filling up a latex balloon with air from your own belly, it gets bigger up to a point when you lose your breath and eventually have to let it free.

I seldom think that my wishes sometimes are not that illogical. For a few distinctive moments, I try to gather – why I need to bother with all those mind boggling wishes when I don’t even start to initiate my plan for a more logical wish?

Wishes could be my toys. It occupies my grey matter.

And it keeps on making me busy. What with plans and a perfect time for an execution, and a thought that I could grab my wishes whenever I think I want to, or when the time comes, or an occurrence where I can call it serendipity.

p/s: I should list out all of my wishes later so that I know what I have gotten and what as yet to be gotten. This is ultimately more important than the recent fuel hike, because this is the proof that I am actually not loony.


Anton said…
Seronoknya... garapan yang bagus banget!

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