That Night In Bhoput, Koh Samui

"Hush dear. Dissolve yourself into my dream. And I shall dissolve mine into yours"
"Like two Autobots do that complex mechanical movements and become jointed and become a new giant Autobot?"
"Uh huh"
"Let me give you my biggest smooch"
"A little bit later, shall we? Then we can get a room, and for the past three years, you keep on telling me that smooches are all that I need. Come on dear, I need more than that"
"Like what? Shoving my ass with your tool?"
"Then where? You don't have that little opening in between your thigh, do you?'

"I'm seeing someone else"
"I'm seeing Connor"
"Then, we won't see each other anymore?"
"You have the answer"

Sometimes, love doesn't need a physical expression for it to be expressed. Enough with three magical words that entangle two souls into one. And people do not see this as a whole, instead a phrase to lure each other into a scene of nasty acts, a scene that violates a true meaning of what Love supposed to be.

And I have fallen into this trap. This C4 was so invisible I couldn't see where I was and where was him when this thing happened. Affection driven us to a point of total perish. How I wish that night never happened, and we still could be together, and wait for the other nights to come and live in this love - though temporary - forever

A Khalid in Memoriam


Valentio said…
wah begitu emosi sekali

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