Sometimes, in between loneliness and endless demanding tasks, I write your name. Like being hypnotized, writing your name subconsciously, and hoping you would come back to me again.

As what we've gone through.

I Believe
Yuko Yamaguchi

Kotoba mo denai
Konna yoru wa
Kimi no egao dakishime nemurou

When I'm feeling small
When it's cold outside
I don't know who I should believe
And when I needed someone special just by my side
Who was there?

I believe
Someday I will love someone who's by my side
Oh someday, my special one will come alone
I pray everyday

Someday I will love
Someone who's by my side
Oh someday, oh someday
I keep on praying everyday




H, I won't have you anymore, but I am praying that someone special will come by my side.

H, I love you


Raj Amarnani said…
Authornya begitu dramatis seperti cewek datang bulan
Flurry Eve said…
why dear friend zubayda is so sad
Zubaidah Arshad said…
raj: Are you Indonesian? Hi by the way

flurry: Sad is an understatement. Grievance is more likely what I tell here. Thanks for visiting

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