Later when the preaches gone, or maybe the talk on the streets come to the surface of everybody`s day-to-day talk, or else when the less vulnerable little boy says hello to a crowd of unknowings, there will be nobody anymore to look up and asks why.

Or perhaps shoot a discomforting look for the sake of behaving to enquire what happens. At least, I told to myself, please let your eyes meet mine because I am dying to know whether you are getting over me. Such a halt for an annoying moment to wait for an answer is far from funny to be told as a multi-million joke, let alone to be a whole-year talk from a pool of stupid jerks.

This feeling is pulling me back. Weary and distorted.

Or maybe I can put it intimidating, up to a point of getting myself into distraction.

Such things happen sometimes. It needs time for me to get used to it.

Or maybe, I won`t, forever


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