I detest plagiarism

My words do reflect how am I look like in real. But, having said that, I will not tolerate with any one who explicitly uses my words and paste them in their own space of writings like their own, like no one's business.

If you find my writings are good and inspiring (let say), you may use it back but do not ever forget to credit to zubaidaharshad.blogspot.com.

I am into originality because it does reflect you from both sides, inner and outer. Suffice to say, I completely detest plagiarism and any means of copying the materials here without the permission from me or crediting to this blog.

I am far from suggesting that I am into cheap popularity by asking you to credit this blog should you directly or indirectly use the materials inside here for any purpose. But looking at your words being manipulated by someone who claims the words are theirs, is like a needle poking up your throat.

I am happy if you use the material here for educational purposes, like I have contributed indirectly to you. My grammatical mistakes are everywhere. Obvious yet glaring. Maybe this is a good exercise for you to point out any grammatical mistakes here and you will learn a new thing. For me, I can't see those mistakes. I've been writing for years and I have been living with them for God knows how long. So I can't see them. But luckily I have a friend who is willingly pointing out the mistakes here. I am not fond enough to alter everything, I keep his corrections in my safebox and later refer as my Kamasutra.

And to all readers out there, Happy reading.


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