Star Star

My life has been so less eventful these few weeks. Things piling up on the desk, queuing to be picked and to be finished. Life so dull I scream and wail, but no one hears. It is so frustrating to be left and to see people who have been accompanying me all this while throw a cold look and a shivering shudder.

I don't really care.

I don't really care because I saw stars last night. Shining brightly I haven't seen such for years. The rain washed the clouds, the tiny dust of haze, the warm air of the night. What once was whole, now is shattered; what once was foggy, now is clear; what once was, now is cold.

I still can recall when I was a little kid with nothing in my head except an innocent thought of what life is all about. I used to lay down in the drain far from my abode with my friend, Yusman gazing the bluish sky, looking for clouds with odd shapes how did it resemble normal things we saw every day. Once there was a big gigantic cloud resembled so much like a ship but he thought it looked more like an ark. Like Noah's when he transported herd of sheep and cows and few more animals just to save them from the big flood. And somehow I came to the same conclusion that it was actually an ark because I saw clot of clouds looked so much like a sheep. Complete with 4 limbs and horns.

It was fun at that time. I spent an hour or two before the horizon being hit by the darkness, left the clouds with a magnificent yellowish color from the stray of the descending sun. It was free. Life so much like a straight path. The end was so bright you didn't have to worry about the uncertainty.

Unfortunately, the path we think we'll follow for the rest of our life has shifted, we'll lose our faith, we'll be blinded in bright light. We choose to cry and to wail. We put a hope that someone will hear you, someone will carry you away.

But everybody is blinded, no one can see your hand. At the end of the journey, all we can see is a total darkness and high pitch shrieks from someone whose hope is dying away.


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