Steven Strait

I watched The Covenant just now at 3 in the morning, having no worry at all about getting stoned and sleepy tomorrow morning when I have to go to work (I don't drive. I am an avid public transport user). Finished up at 4.30 and seriously it wasn't the storyline that hooked me up. I'm not a fan of this pagan sort of thing where you have these descendants and there is something to be streamed down through the bloodline. It is not just my thing. That's why I didn't watch this movie in the first place when this movie was out back in 2006. Truth be told, I can't relate. There's something inconvenient watching this kind of genre, like Smallville or Heroes or even Spiderman. It annoys me. I feel stupid watching this kind of movie where there will be no one on earth would like to wear that stretchy webby lycra with blue and red spots on that suit. It just YUCKS!

And same thing does apply to The Covenant too. Those spooky stuff... Erk, are you kidding me that you have that kind of power (like Naruto doing his Sharingan sort of thing)? yea, I watch anime. Naruto was the starter for all this anime thing.

BUT.. as far as the stupid movie is concerned, there's something made me hooked up, till the last words, where credits started to roll. It was Caleb. His deep voice, his after shaved beard, his eyes, his hair, his Roman resemblance, his smile, his macho act to this girl, were so watering! I'm not that desperate though I know that I'm this wrinkled prune mama. Tsk. And not to forget, his dark shiny hair. It is like a bunch of Lego. You have this wheels, some shafts, some blocks, and you assemble those together to make a very hot looking toy vehicle. Caleb is that toy vehicle.

I think, he was the factor The Covenant made it big. Steven Strait is just a hunk! During my years in Uni, I'd known a lot of hunky guys named Caleb. It just like natural to have Caleb as a handsome guy, girl's walking magnet. Even in TV series, Caleb is portrayed as a cute guy, stone hard muscle, fully developed washboard abs, etc etc etc. Put every good quality over there and you'll have Caleb.

I know this post isn't really me. I'll be back. I'm having a post-caleb disorientated mind disease. I'll post more Zubaidah Arshad's type of entry later on.

Right now I wanna go to sleep because I had enough of Caleb already and I need to wake up at 7 because I have to catch my train tomorrow morning. Otherwise, I'll be dead meat.

Ahh yes, I'm just a toilet cleaner. Giving the best quality for those in need!

Good night!


M.I.S.S.Y said…
yes the toilet cleaner.. ( buyin whtever shits u said kak zue..)

ZubaidahArshad said…
Yes missy, apart from shits deposited from human bodies, I also do the cleaning of animals excrement. Everything!

You have a barn at your backyard? I might come handy! ops hahahahha
sixtysixty said…
Let see if Caleb is some synthetic colourful toy vehicle then i'll be like some wooden pitch black domino who desperately need other pieces.
ZubaidahArshad said…
hmm sixty. I am having a little problem here to delve inside you. Are u lonely and.. in need of someone? hehehhehe

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