The Continuation

Ed started to cry on the bench he used to squat on his messed-up unwanted day when he was a little dork that wore over sized jumper paired with crocodile look-alike sandals. He felt his body started to shiver when everything was exactly all right. He put his hands into the pockets of his yellow raincoat and his fingers wildly looking for a piece of a torn paper he used to scribble when he thought that he needed something to be jotted down for it would be lost in his memory.

He couldn’t bear the fact that he had a very despairing short term memory he couldn’t even remember his birth date.

Sometimes when he thought about this thing, he would bawl on his own because he loved to remember back the days when he hit the sack on that lovely summer morning at the back on Samuel’s lawn where the Jared twins will cheekily threw him with a massive amount of solidified clays and an enormous velocity of water jet.

He enjoyed those times. Ed wanted more. Ed wanted Paul to hug him right now so that the nightmare that haunted him all this while will vanish and he wanted Paul to see him stood up on his own, being an independent and still cling on him for a little sprinkle of love.


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