North East

"You can't run away from him"
"From who?"
"What on earth?"
"He's coming here. Working with the same company as yours"
"Why the need to tell me this?"
"It's just that both of you are meant to be together, even when you decided to flee away. Away from him"
"Have you heard of coincidence?"
"This is not a coincidence. This is one end of your fate, meets up another. You and him will complete a circle. You and him look like are meant to be together"
"Come on. He just got himself a baby"
"So he can fuck off and don't bother me anymore"
"Tell that to yourself. Tell that to your heart"

Life has a way to reconcile with our past memories. And this apparently, with my pain.



Sir Pök Déng said…
You cannot lie.
Machina said…
What... is it a twist or what.
Zubaidah Arshad said…
Pok Deng, words are elusive. It can be interpreted in many ways. But feelings are a little different. When you're happy, it shows. When you're sad, it shows.

Machina, no. He is coming here. Waiting for his visa. What a shocker right?

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