A Guest

Marco called me a few weeks back, couldn't hold the excitement in his voice:

"Drake said you just moved to a beach-y house. I am thinking to redeem my frequent flyer points and fly to visit you there"

I couldn't say no to Marco. Who can. That puppy hazel eyes, long wavy hair, untrimmed stubble. The only that isn't quite the same is his belly and his weight.

"Mac and cheese in the morning, more mac and cheese in the afternoon, and definitely another mac and cheese in the evening. Tiff let me swell. She wouldn't if she loved me. She left. She made me eat mac and cheese day and night"

I told him that mac and cheese wouldn't make him happy. He should have run across the football field, climb the steps, down to the back alley, run through the field again and let all the sweat drench his armpits and his body.

"Bullshit. I won't model again"

Come on Marco. You are not this dipstick.

"Yeah. Now you're ditching me too"

Who says so fucktard? I told you to let go.

"Tiff is holding me. Not that I mean it literally, but she's here [Marco holds his chest], and she's holding me up"

Yeah whatever. Feed your stupidity.

"So you're okay now?"

The sand is pristine, the color of earth. Taken away by each crashing wave.

"I guess so. I think I miss you more than I miss Tiff. The 'more' is like that island far away, and 'the Tiff miss' is only this huge", Marco's eyes far to the Tenggol island, and he clenches a tiny rock in his hand.

How long are you planning to stay?

"I don't know. The points only got me one way. I still haven't figured out where should I get the money to return back home. Are you okay with me staying over?"

You can stay as long as you want. This house is too huge for me alone.

"I miss you, you know"

Shut up.



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