New Chapter

I changed my job a month ago. I moved from the serene Kuantan to the lush green Kertih. The first few days were mere a walk through a series of homesickness - how I miss the night I spent watching the moon at Kuantan Port, or the morning where I took a stroll along Balok beach, or the bustling evening at the Beserah sea produce market, or the weekend when I'd stock up my pantry from the Pasar Tani Mega. It all played in my mind, so silent, without any sound, just images each passing by when mind was unoccupied, or when things got rough and I was out of control. I just missed those so much.

But who am I kidding? Who am I fooling? I don't miss those thing. I miss you, and you and you, and you.

Oh come on. Grow up.



biskutkumpang said…
occupy keerih Z!

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