The Thought Of Losing You Is..

... so disturbing. Though I know that I had lost you almost a year ago, when you said that you would like to tie the knot with her, to get married, to live as a husband, the legal husband, the one that you could walk out in the street, holding hands together without being hunted with embarrassment.

Now a year passed by, and she is leaving. Away from you. And you cry, and weep, and lost on what to do. What I have to tell apart from stay strong, that you are losing one of the most precious gems in your life, and I am here to console you. Little did you know that this feeling has never gone away, soldered on my heart, with a shape of your name.

I am happy for you of course, that she is leaving for the benefit for both of you. London is RM6000 away. Visit her when you are free.

But jeopardizing your future over here - for the sake of following her over there, and end up being no one in a land of foreign - does not deserve my forgiveness. You could tear my feelings into million pieces, you could dump me after all the love I gave, you could say that you had to leave me for our own good, you could tell me anything you want.

But telling me that you are leaving such a good job here in Malaysia for a vague and hazy future in the UK, is unjustifiable.

I need this coffee.

The coffee you made of love.


arep said…
nok.. airasia make it RM2000 away...

btw. sorry to hear that..

we have to face the fact nok..
chah said…
*sambil pekup mulut*
ZubaidahArshad said…
Arep, I just checked yesterday, it would cost no more than 2.5K MYR for return tickets.

It used to be that expensive with MAS. Travelling with KLM is much cheaper.

I am moving on by the way.

Chah, kenapa ko pekup mulut?

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